Verbal & Non-verbal Communication

Team-building through verbal and non-verbal communications is not only fun but help students develop their communicative strategies and teamwork as well. In this week’s camp activities, IEP students did a Charade Competition against each other without speaking out any clues. Some lost in “translation”, while others acted so funny and made everyone laugh. 
Next, they are divided into teams of 3 people. The first person can see but cannot talk, the second person can talk but cannot see, the third person must cross the obstacles to the other side by listening to the instructions of the first and second person on the other side. This is where attention, guiding skills and verbal communication kick in.

Some students are really good at crossing the obstacles with good jumping and striding skills. It is obvious that after some rounds of trials and mistakes, talking and listening work better together for improvement now! 
Be Thinkers, be Reflective and be Risk-takers!

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