Using our senses to explore letters and sounds

Every morning, we spend the first part of our day focusing on language development.  This includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  During this time, the children in EY3 have opportunities to explore letters and sounds in many different ways.  Here are a few learning experiences that have happened recently in the classroom.

The children LOVED finding the hidden letters in water beads at the light table!  The water beads allowed for a different sensory experience for many children.

As a class, we created the alphabet for our classroom.  The children were invited to create certain letters out of any material they could find in the classroom.  Here are a few examples of what they used, which included rocks, plastic bugs, shells, and cinnamon sticks.  The cinnamon sticks were well liked as they provided a good smell.

Students were invited to explore letters and sounds with these sand paper letters.  We played a game where the children had to close their eyes and use their fingers to try and figure out the letter/sound.  When guessing, they were encouraged to say the letter name and sound, as well as write it down.

The children love to use stamps!  Here, they enjoyed stamping their own name as well as their friend’s.

If you are in the EY3 classroom, you will almost always see the light projector in use.  Here, the children used several different materials to create letters.

Play-doh is another well loved material in the classroom.  Here, the children worked on letter formation by making their own name and also their friend’s names.

We will continue to explore letters and words throughout the year in many different ways!


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