Using Our Senses to Explore & Change in Timetable

Dear Families:

Today children explored and investigated into dry corn starch.  We also learned about our responsibilities when we participate in messy play.

How does it feel on your hands? Wet? Dry? Smooth? Rough? Silky? Heavy? Light?

Do you like the way it feels on your hands?

How does it feel different from salt or flour?

How does it taste?  Spicy? Sweet? Salty? Bitter? Sour?

These were the kinds of open-ended questions we asked to further support their inquiry.

In order to allow children time for uninterrupted exploration and inquiry in the morning, we have changed our PE lessons to a later period in the day, the days remain the same. The library session has been changed from Tuesday to Friday.  We will begin following this timetable starting this week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Ajarn Tammy

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