Using our senses on the farm

Last Wednesday morning our EY3 class made a trip to the Prem farm to take a tour and harvest different vegetables and herbs.  They found and harvested coriander, mint, lemons, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onion, radish, onions, and hibiscus.

While they were busy harvesting vegetables and herbs, they engaged their five senses, while attempting to answer several questions at the same time. Do the tomatoes look good to eat? What about the lemons? Do any of the lemons have small holes in them?  Does that mean some worms may have been hungry and taken a few bites?  What does that tell us about the lemons?  Are they safe to eat?

They met the animals on the farm and learned about their behaviour by observing them. We visited the ducks and ducklings and had a chance to feed dried bamboo leaves to the goats! We noticed that the goats sometimes looked calm, and other times angry.  Some even bumped their horns together in a fight for food.

Before lunch, we shared what we harvested, noting what looked and smelled good.  We tasted some mint and coriander and then happily gave the fruits of our labour to the farmers so they could prepare a tasty afternoon snack for some other students in the Senior School.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful time spent at the farm!

A. Kristen

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