On Friday November 6th Air House selected their House Captains through a voting process. The goals of the vote were to end up with a diverse group of students, who are interested in developing as leaders, from across the year levels,  to serve as Middle School (MS), Senior School (SS), & Senior Boarding Air House Captains. After watching the videos, and hearing a speech in one case, all Grades 6 – 12 Air House students voted and selected :

  • Till Till (Grade 7) as MS House Captain
  • Nino (G12) as SS Captain
  • Mali (G9) as Boarding Captain

Also involved were Bandagai (G7) & Point (G12) who were ultimately not successful in their campaigns but who both did a good job of getting involved nonetheless. With several House events already this week the Captains have jumped right into their roles and together with Deputy Head of House Aj. Rika we will continue to further define the role of House Captain together. Congratulations to Till Till, Mali, & Nino, Air House Captains 2020-21!!

Ajarn Adam Copus
Head of Air House

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