University Offers continue to roll in for our Grade 12 students

Semester 2 has started with a flurry of fantastic university offers for our grade 12 students. Many students are now holding great offers from universities in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada. The excitement  and anticipation will continue over the next two months as more countries and universities release their decisions. This has been an exceptionally competitive year for university applications due to the high number of deferrals internationally last year. Not to be deterred, Prem’s Grade 12 students have submitted excellent applications which ensure they receive the best possible offers. Recent offer highlights include the University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Toronto, Hong Kong Baptist University, Temple University Japan, University of Bristol, University of Warwick and the University of Liverpool.
A. Dawn and K. Ju in the College Office would like to thank all of our families, friends, teachers and staff for their help in supporting our students to achieve these opportunities. It truly is a team effort!
Ajarn Dawn Parry
Whole School Careers
and College Counsellor

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