University of Waterloo Mathematics Contest

On Thursday, May 11th twenty-three students from Grades 7 and 8 took part in the University of Waterloo Mathematics Competition. This annual international competition aims to inspire the next generation of students to develop an interest in and love for mathematics and computer science.

In Grade 7
First place went to Miyu Okuma and Brisingr Zhou
Distinction awards went to: Aaron Rauner, Joseph Oh, Emmy Phuchanbanchob, Ken Zhang and Peter Park.
Participation awards went to Grace McCallum, Raffi Anderson, Ling Gang, Frank Li, Jessica Qian, Tunn Patong and Billy Ren.

In Grade 8
First place went to Jeff Xie and Daniel Branham
Distinction awards went to: Kitty Yuan, Guych Kawasaki, Patrick Klaharn and Kevin Liu
Participation awards went to: Ping-An Limmanee, Jazz Wang, Chao Kaewwetchawong and Yeonwoo Choi.

Well done to everybody for your all of your hard work in preparing for this challenging mathematics context.

I will leave you with two challenging questions to try and solve, one from Grade 7 and one from Grade 8. Calculators are allowed.

Grade 7:
In the six-digit number 1ABCDE, each letter represents a digit. Given that 1ABCDE x 3 = ABCDE1, the value of A + B + C + D + E is

(A) 27(B) 26 (C) 22 (D) 30 (E) 28

Grade 8:
Brady is stacking 600 plates in a single stack. Each plate is coloured black, gold or red. Any black plates are always stacked below any gold plates, which are always stacked below any red plates. The total number of black plates is always a multiple of two, the total number of gold plates is always a multiple of three, and the total number of red plates is always a multiple of six. For example, the plates could be stacked with:
180 black plates below 300 gold plates below 120 red plates, or
450 black plates below 150 red plates, or
600 gold plates.
In how many different ways could Brady stack the plates?

(A) 5139(B) 5142(C) 5145(D) 5148(E) 5151

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