Twenty-four, an Artist Residency Thailand Project with Rosalia Gitau

This week both our Junior School and Senior School students have had opportunities to work with the writer, novelist, activist and public speaker Rosalia Gitau. Diving into creative writing toolkits to explore their individual and collective experiences of the Covid pandemic, Grade 9 and Grade 5 students were able to take part in a project devised between Rosalia and ARThailand: twenty-four. 

Twenty-four is a pilot-project that is focused on the students and community members here at Prem. All participants have been encouraged to focus on creating stories using select moments from the 24-month period of the pandemic, highlighting specific memories that took place in a 24-hour period.

Drawing on her knowledge and expertise working on conflict resolution initiatives within the United Nations, Rosalia has employed some of the same techniques and approaches she had previously used with community groups with our student groups.

We look forward to working with Rosalia later this year in a second part to this Residency project, whereby we will refine the stories further so that they can become standalone monologues to be included in a sharing event with our wider community.


Alex Soulsby,

Creative Director

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