Trip to Pun Pun farm

Our trip to Pun Pun farm-   Written by IEP Tigers.

This week our blog is about the recent IEP trip to the Pun Pun farm, a small organic farm about 35 minutes drive from Prem school. The trip was very educational as the children learned about how to be self sufficient, how to harvest and store seeds and how to build mud brick houses. We had the chance to try organic food and enjoyed getting very muddy in the rice paddies!

The IEP tigers will now tell you how the trip went!

Tour of the farm


The vegetables in Pun Pun farm are very cool because they are nontoxic so we can eat them safely. We toured around there and it was very fun. We saw a lot of animals. At Pun Pun there are a lot of chickens because they give us a lot of eggs every day, so chickens help give food to the farm workers. – Youn

A.Casey warned us not to wear our best clothes, but Winnie and Emily planned to wear their best shoes, they think fashion is very important. After they arrived at the Pun Pun farm, they regretted it because there was mud everywhere. They put plastic bags on their feet and screamed as they walked ‘Arghhhhhh!’ 

  At the end of the trip Winnie and Emily were not scared of the mud anymore. They had fun! – Matt

Making mud bricks

We stepped on the mud. Although it was very dirty, we felt relaxed and were very happy. We helped the farm make mud bricks. -Emily .                 On the farm, we visited many crops and mixed mud with our feet to make mud bricks. Though dirty, I enjoyed the farm. – Winnie

 .     .  .

When I stepped in the mud it felt very cool and I liked it. Let me explain how to make a mud a brick. First step on the mud. Second put rice seeds in to the mud. Third mix it together with your feet. Finally put the mud in buckets and use to fill the block shapes and you are finished. Now leave the mud bricks to dry. -Lily

We learned how to use mud made bricks.  All the houses in the farm are all made with mud mixed with rice husks, it’s very simple.  Everyone can make their own house. First, we took off our shoes and we went in the mud.  At first I went in to the mud I thought it was really dirty and I didn’t want to go in but when I went in to the mud, It was really interesting.  It felt soft, cool and comfortable. We had so much fun! – Sunny

The seed house

I have seen many  kinds of seeds. Their colors were different. Among them, yellow one was the most  beautiful. I wonder how it will grow up. Pun pun’s guide explained about the different types of seeds. I learned about how to start seeds growing. It needs a lot of light, soil and water. – Sue Yoon.

In PunPun Farm they have thousands of seeds. And PunPun farm’s staff are giving people seeds for free. Pun Pun’s farm stores seeds so they still can be self sufficient and they can be sustainable. But you need to be careful if you take seeds back home, because the seeds need to be kept cool in the fridge. You don’t need to worry about seeds’ quality, because these seeds are all natural and grown organically.– Henry

Things we tasted

First we chose the flavor of the smoothies. I chose lime and honey. drank my smoothie, it tasted sweet and a little bit sour, but refreshing. We ate cookies too. -Yao

I like PunPun farm’s food.I like the biscuits and smoothies. It tasted great.The biscuits were sweet and the smoothies were cold and sour. I also ate some organic passion fruit. It tasted very sour but also a little bit sweet.  – Nicole

At lunchtime we ate pad thai. It was’s so good! We ate it with eggs and some vegetables. Pun Pun used food from the farm to make the pad thai. – Banzai

We hope you enjoyed your our blog.

You can find out more about Pun Pun farm at:

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