Tree Planting to Honour Ajarn Emma Shaw's Commitment to the Environment

Last week a tree-planting ceremony took place at Prem to honour one of our teachers. But why did we do this? We interviewed Ajarn Sarah to find out more.
Why did we plant a tree? 
The tree is a symbol of environmental sustainability. It beautifies our campus while cleaning the air and providing shade. As it is a Leelawadee (Thai)/ Frangipani (French) when in bloom, it will also provide an appealing fragrance.
What has Ajarn Emma done for this honour?

Emma was honoured for her work at school on Earth Day over many years as well as her efforts to make every day Earth Day!  She is an advocate for sustainability and raises awareness of environmental issues in a variety of ways, she;

  •  teaches DP Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) a subject focused on understanding and seeking solutions for the environmental issues we face
  • initiated and runs the Precious Plastics Exploria to provide a solution for plastic waste
  • was the original (non-automated) test system for AQI and led students in testing and researching this important local issue
  • makes strong efforts to reduce, reduce and reuse in her private life as well!
Who came along to celebrate Ajarn Emma’s achievement? 

Our Head of School, Ajarn Rachel, Ajarn Jeff along with many senior school teachers and students. It was great to see our Prem Community coming together to acknowledge Ajarn Emma’s achievement!

Why do we think as a school it is important to highlight people who strive for a better world?
Highlighting the efforts of some can inspire others. It highlights leadership by example. As a school that claims to be environmentally sustainable, we should celebrate the steps we take in that direction.
We would like to thank Ajarn Sarah for sharing her thoughts with us and also congratulate Ajarn Emma on her continued efforts of being an advocate for our environment!
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