Traidhos Tennis Academy Visiting Player News

This month, Traidhos Tennis Academy has welcomed visiting players from Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Brunei. These players, have all signed-up for multiple-day training during their visit to northern Thailand often playing twice a day,in the cool of the morning and then again in the late afternoon.

New players, nine year old twins from Singapore, were able to join with a returning player living in Brunei, and Prem student Micky for evening match play after their morning lessons. Brothers Joshua and Jack (pictured) also from Singapore took "five fantastic days at Traidhos" and are asking "when they can return again". A teenager from USA  travelled to take classes.

Adult visitors were all returning players: A young woman from UK came back to take private classes after reconnecting with tennis in group cardio classes and three friends from Hong Kong who visited last year and found it the perfect way to meet up and develop their love of tennis.

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If you enjoy tennis, why not join the Traidhos International Doubles Tournament on Saturday 16 January 2016. See

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