Traidhos Swim Team at Mae Jo University

At the end of October, three members of the Traidhos Swim Team took part in a regional swimming competition held at Mae Jo University.The Traidhos Team trains most evenings with Coach Jack and the swimmers were excited to join this competition.

It was a busy weekend as the Mae Jo Open event attracted over seven hundred swimmers.  We congratulate our swimmers for challenging themselves by participating and for the success that their consistent training resulted in.

KK was awarded three gold medals  (Breaststroke 50m – Freestyle 100m – Backstroke 50m), one silver medal  (Butterfly 50m) and two bronze medals (Freestyle 50m – Kick 50m).

Kiang earned two bronze medals for Breaststroke 50m and Butterfly 50m.

Chi Ryu was awarded one silver medal (Freestyle 50m) and one bronze medal for Breaststroke 50m.

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