Traidhos’ orchid expert, Cecilia.

For the last three years, Cecilia Yang has been a familiar figure riding her bike around campus and volunteering on the Traidhos Farm between November and March. Perhaps less well known is the fact that Cecilia is recognised as an international orchid expert who has studied at Kew Gardens in London and supported work at the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens, Chiang Mai.

This week Cecilia said farewell to Traidhos and headed to Bangkok where she will speak at the 1st RAPEE International Conference on the subject of Orchid Conservation and Human Goodness. Cecilia will present on the work of orchid conservationists around the world including a project idea by orchid growers at Queen Sirikit Botanical gardens to develop a Chiang Mai perfume from a native orchid. 

The 1st RAPEE International Conference is taking place to honour Professor Rapee Sagarik who has dedicated his work to the sustainable development and preservation of orchids in Thailand and abroad. Other experts attending include people from Malaysia, Denmark, Thailand, Taiwan, R.O.C., Ecuador, Germany and USA will also attend.

Cecilia is also going to the 12th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC12) and international orchid exhibition which is being presented under the theme Orchids and Human Beings. We look forward to welcoming her back at the end of the year.

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