Threads of Change Volunteer Day at FORRU

This term a small group of students and teachers from Grade 9 – 11 embarked on a volunteer day, run by Prem’s Threads of Change, with local sustainable organization, FORRU (Forest Restoration Research Unit).

FORRU was started by a group of researchers from Chiang Mai University in order to develop efficient and sustainable methods for the reforestation of tropical rainforests. Their approach to reforestation is highly scientific, ensuring their work includes biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage, whilst also encouraging members of the local hill tribe communities to be actively involved in stewardship of the forest. 

On the day, Prem students participated in some of the practical activities carried out at the Ban Mae Sa Tree Nursery. Students collected seeds from the nearby forest, shelled and prepared seeds, sowed a few tree species, repotted seedlings, and cared for the more mature saplings. The work was at times strenuous and definitely made us appreciate the effort reforestation requires, even before trees are planted in the ground. 

As one of Prem’s very own sustainable initiatives, Threads of Change believes that it is hugely important to build connections with other sustainable practices and is looking forward to working with FORRU again in the future. We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the FORRU staff who facilitated this event, and were incredibly gracious in answering our questions and sharing their abundant knowledge. 

If you would like to find out more about FORRU, visit this link: 

Prem would like to thank all students and teachers that were involved in this initiative! Ariel, Caitlin, Or, Zeni, Jampel, Daniel, Lhanzey, Amelie, Namping, Mayank, (all G11) and Yvonne (G9), Ajarn Abbie and Ajarn Jang

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