This week in IEP

Welcome Back!

It has been a busy first few days back in IEP. We have welcomed 5 new students to the IEP program and they have all settled in really well. It has been wonderful to see how helpful our students have been towards the new children, in introducing new routines and helping them to enjoy their first week.

In the classroom

In Phonics, we had fun racing in relay teams to complete sentences on mini whiteboards. We have been practicing words with ‘consonant clusters’ this week and the Lions will have a spelling test next Wednesday to see how well they can remember our new words.


We visited the farm on Friday where we helped to mix compost, clean the goat pens and feed the tortoise. It was very hot, but the children worked hard in teams to complete all the challenges they were set. Good job IEP!

Another highlight this week was our ‘English outside the classroom’ lesson with Ajarn Lynda. We took part in a interesting lesson, learning about how rivers become polluted due to an increasing population and people being careless with their waste. We thought about ways we can reduce our own pollution and help to keep rivers and oceans clean.


Next week we have halloween celebrations to look forward to. We will enjoy games, themed activities and a halloween party! Children are invited to dress up and bring snacks on Wednesday 31st October.

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