Thinking about art as a way of knowing

This week our Grade 11 IB Theory of Knowledge students had the unique opportunity to meet with our resident visual artist Jilly Morris. During their meeting, Jilly shared with the students insights into her artistic practice, specifically regarding how she gathers contextual knowledge and visual information in order to create her thought-provoking pieces.

The IB Theory of Knowledge course is designed to encourage students to question and analyse the nature of knowledge, and to consider different ways of knowing. Meeting with an artist like Jilly was an excellent opportunity for the students to gain insight and understanding of ‘knowing’ from a different perspective, and thanks to Ajarn Erica, this initial session will hopefully be the first of many more to come.

Through the presentation and question and answer session, the students were able to see firsthand how an artist approaches the process of gathering and applying information for the purpose of creating art. Morris demonstrated how research and observation can be powerful tools in the production of meaningful artwork, and how her own perspectives and experiences shape her creative output.

It was a great first session and a valuable learning experience for our students. We look forward to future ‘seminar-style’ events with our ARThailand practitioners and our TOK students as a means to create thoughtful and stimulating discussions within our community. 


Alex Soulsby

Creative Director

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