Theatre of the Absurd - Grade 9

Students in Grade 9 Drama completed their final showcase with excerpts from plays from the Theatre of the Absurd including scenes from a David Ive’s play ‘All in the Timing‘ and Samuel Beckett’s famous ‘Waiting for Godot‘.

Audiences were subjected to a range of scenes and bizarre ideas, from chimpanzees attempting to write Shakespeare to tramps pontificating on the nature of existence and heightened absurdity through repetition, grand pauses and high and low comedy. Students were charged with choosing the work, directing, acting, designing the set, atmosphere and aesthetic elements whilst creating a piece that clearly underlined elements from the Absurd to demonstrate their understanding of the genre and theatrical movement.
The ensemble performed each piece twice to selected audiences and received feedback.
Words Words Words
Kafka: Ryan
Swift: Ugyen
Milton: Nicolai
Waiting for Godot
Estragon: Max Maplethorpe
Vladimir: David Mitterhoff


Ian Johnston

Director of Drama

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