The World Cricket League Tournament

On Monday this week two weeks of international cricket games drew to a close on the David Buck Oval as favourites Saudi Arabia faced Qatar. It was expected to be an exciting game, especially as the Saudi team had not lost a game all tournament. Players knew that a lot was dependent on this game, since the winning team would qualify to enter the next round of international cricket.

As the game moved into the final phase, a Prem PE class came to watch. The sky darkened and it started to get windy. No one wanted to have rain stop play at such a crucial moment.
Finally Qatar was the winner with:

  • 18.5 overs
  • 96 runs
  • Qatar 4 wickets
  • Saudi Arabia 10 wickets

Meaning that Qatar clinched the tournament and after a few tense moments, learnt that they had also qualified to go through to the next round in the World Cricket League. Their passion, excitement and commitment to the game was evident as they jumped for joy and celebrated together.

Our thanks to Khun Pirom and his team of groundsmen for maintaining the pitch, for the gardeners who supported early one morning after a heavy storm flattened all of the spectators tents and to VSP staff who worked behind the scenes and and as a team chaperone throughout the tournament.

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