The Vitruvian Man - Grade 3/4

During the Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci created the drawing called Vitruvian Man based on the mathematical work by the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius.  The Vitruvian Man describes the relationship between human proportions and geometry. 

In Mathematics, G3/4 students investigated a variety of Vitruvius’s proportionality theories by making estimations, measuring their body parts using a variety of equipment, and comparing results using decimal notations and rounding. Students will use their mathematical investigations to interpret the theories, learning how to provide evidence to justify findings.

In Art, the students also observed how Da Vinci made many detailed anatomical studies of the body internal systems such as drawings of bones, muscles and the vascular system. The students are working on creating detailed drawings of the body’s bone structures to gain further understanding of how artists use the knowledge of our body systems to create artworks that show proportion and movement. 


Susan Morgan & Charlotte Hankin

Junior School Teachers

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