The Reality of Envisioning A Desired Future

Have you taken part in a seed sorting or tree planting workshop with FORRU (Forest Restoration Research Unit)? Traidhos Programs and Prem classes have enjoyed a long relationship with FORRU over the years, but have you ever wondered what has happened to those seeds you sorted, or how your trees have contributed to a flourishing ecosystem on the mountain in nearby Mae Sa Valley?


The Mae Sa  regeneration project is an amazing example, right on our doorstep, of a sustainable vision becoming reality. Working with local stakeholders, experienced ecologists and using local natural resources, the regeneration of the forest has improved the wellbeing of people living in and around the area and is now contributing to the economy of the area. Look at how each part of the project connects in this forest system.

Never give up on imagining the future you want to see! By connecting with like-minded people we can all achieve great things.

Photo credit FORRU


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Lynda Rolph
Head of Community
Traidhos Three-Generation Community

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