The Prem Academy of Music opens its doors again…

With a fanfare of trumpets and a crash of the cymbals the Music Academy re-opened its doors again this week for an exciting program of individual instrumental and vocal lessons. During the summer vacation, the Academy’s eight studios have been refreshed with splashes of colour through new paint, a carpet to improve soundproofing, and a little bit of interior design magic. We now have a wonderful, exciting, and vibrant learning environment for students to study in. 

Our team of visiting professional musicians has grown significantly since the Academy opened its doors in January 2021, and we are delighted to continue to add new members of our visiting specialist music teachers to our existing team, once again, offering instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments.  

The connections between studying a musical instrument and academic progress are well documented. However, the most important thing is that the cacophony of wonderful music reverberating throughout the Academy this week is clearly evidence of students that are having a fun and rewarding experience as they progress step-by-step with their instrumental studies on their own musical journey of discovery – from Bach to Bacharach, or maybe I am allowed to say ‘Bach to the future’. 

All students receiving individual lessons within the learning Academy are offered practical step-by-step guidance on what is going well with their studies as well as ways in which their playing can be improved, importantly with clear explanations of how to make these improvements in readiness for the next music lesson. As soon as a student is ready to perform, there are many performance opportunities each week in school. 

Given the new look and vibrant colours which the Music Academy proudly celebrates, we are happy to welcome any students and parents to come and visit us to experience for themselves how great the learning environment is. 

So, it’s over to you now, the stage is set and ready, and we are very happy to make the musical connections for you at the start of this new academic year. Why not challenge yourself and do something new this year and pick up an instrument? You might surprise yourself, and I am sure, along the way, you’ll have a lot of fun. Playing music is a great way of making new friends and certainly any university campus will warmly welcome a doctor or an engineer who is also a musician, as you will be adding value and life to their university campus. 

If you would like to know more about the music Academy program or would like to arrange a tour of the Music Academy facilities, please contact Chris Johnson (Director of Music) by email at


Chris Johnson,

Director of Music Academy

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