The Power to Transform – Preparing all Students for Life After Prem

In Dave Isay’s book Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work a common thread soon becomes visible. From surgeons to shopkeepers, business people to rubbish collectors, the thread that binds is the power work gives individuals to transform lives and communities. Success gives people hope and the ability to recognise their importance to friends, family and society. Choosing the correct pathway to that ultimate field of work is vitally important.


Today’s students need diverse options and opportunities to develop the skills and competencies they will require in the future. Universities and employers are increasingly looking for flexible, creative students who are committed to lifelong learning when considering applications. Furthermore, admission to university has become increasingly competitive and preparation for a successful application is crucial. Although they may not be aware of this, students at Prem are continuously developing the skills which will empower them when the time comes to decide what to do after school. To demonstrate how Prem prepares young people for their next steps, I will briefly share two case studies of students who followed two different pathways.


Jeff followed the IBDP programme and wanted to study Biology at a highly selective university in the UK. Jeff knew that he had to do well academically but also to show how he stood out in a field of very able applicants. Jeff achieved this by writing an exceptional personal statement that outlined his depth as both a student and an individual. Through extra-curricular classes he demonstrated his commitment to the local community and leadership skills. His extended essay research showcased his outstanding scientific research ability and critical thinking. Jeff ultimately accepted an offer to study Biological Science at the prestigious University College London (UCL).


Daphne wanted to study fashion business in a famous European fashion institute. A very wide range of skills is required for a career in this very competitive area. Daphne followed the IBCP pathway to give her the best opportunity to make a very strong application. The IBCP allowed her to take university-level courses in addition to her IB courses while still at school. This, coupled with the leadership and creative skills she developed, was demonstrated through her portfolio, extra-curricular activities and work experience. Daphne stood out as a very desirable candidate.  After being interviewed by and receiving offers from several institutions, Daphne accepted an offer to study Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni in Paris and Milan.


These two students are just a snapshot of the diverse pathways followed at Prem. The Princeton Review says that a university guidance counsellor should be a strategy consultant, coach, and cheerleader all rolled into one and I couldn’t agree more. It is an honour to play a part in helping students navigate their individual paths to success and happiness. Please contact me to find out more about our service and how I can help each student at Prem.

Dawn Parry

University Guidance Counsellor

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