The Power of Collaborative Planning to Support all our Student's Learning.

It was that time of the term where the Junior School teachers had the exciting opportunity to discuss the upcoming unit of inquiries with other teachers; the teaching and learning lead and the creative director, the LOTE teachers and the Outdoor Learning and Farm team to plan and discuss units of inquiries.
Prem Junior School teachers meet once a term to plan the big picture of the upcoming units with each other bringing in the diverse experiences, the expertise of different teachers and making connections to support learning across all subject disciplines. We build on where the learners have come from and ensure we all understand the big ideas and concepts of the unit. Our planning is flexible and allows for authentic response to the students and where their interests and needs are and also to allow for our students to have a voice in their learning. The collaboration between teachers is intentional and continual. As we work together and collaborate we are able to make stronger transdiciplinary links between all subjects and the concepts being taught. It also allows for respect and appreciation for the rigour of learning that emerges through debate and discussions.

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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