The Libere String Quartet - follow your passion!

With two full days of rehearsals, workshops, masterclasses, the Libere String Quartet – led by Dr. Mahakit from Mahidol University engaged all of the students with the warmth of their personalities and professionalism of their playing as a quartet.

From entertaining the whole of the Junior School in their Tuesday assembly to working with our Senior School student string players, answering questions about life on the road as a professional musician to an outstanding Chamber Music Recital featuring Iven Shang (G6) Cello, Music Scholar; launching the new Creative Partnership with Anantara Chiang Mai. From the minute they landed to the moment we waved them off back to Bangkok, the Libere Quartet were outstanding musical friends for Prem. They have now made a promise to ensure that they will have regular visits to Prem in the coming years. This is very exciting news. Please watch out for the details of launching the new Creative Partnership with Anantara Chiang Mai offering an opportunity for Prem music students to perform in a professional setting at the Anantara Chiang Mai. 


Christopher Johnson

Music Academy Director

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