The launch of our new website

Our new website is a marked improvement over our previous one. It is cleaner, crisper, and far easier to navigate. The site is designed to serve to promote marketing, thereby attracting new families to join our school as well as new teachers. Accordingly, on the open website, there is no information that is customarily posted for existing students and parents. This information is to be found in a protected area of our website that will be available to you at the beginning of Term Four.

Many people have collaborated in bringing this project to fruition. They have been confronted by a tremendous amount of work in designing a new website, populating it, checking all content and much, much more. My thanks to everybody who has helped.

However, my special thanks are reserved for two people who have been the chief architects, the designers and the “motors” that have systematically galvanised others to complete their work so that the project’s momentum was maintained. I think it only fair to state that the website would not be available to us without the dedication of Peter Seidler and Achim Haug. Our special thanks to these two parents for their contribution to our school community.

If you have not looked at the new website yet, it can be found at Enjoy.

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