The Junior School celebrates International Mother Tongue Language Day

A big thank you to the PSC and all the parents who came along on Tuesday the 21st of February to help organise a range of fun activities for our junior school children to celebrate their mother tongue languages.  On the day we had: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Australian/New Zealand, Swiss/German and French.

After the whole school assembly, organised by our mother tongue coordinator Cathy Schlei, where grades 1 and 2 sang and groups of both our Bhutanese and Korean students danced; junior school separated into their groups and had an hour of games, language, theatre and food.

I had the opportunity to visit all the groups and the children were all having a wonderful time.  It really is a testament to the enthusiasm and passion of parents and the school to see these days happen and I'm sure our children will all be richer for having taken part.

Once again thank you for all your help and support.

Colette Hirst
EAL teacher

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