The Hills are Alive with the Sights and Sounds of Drama!

The second stage of our three-part collaboration with the Chiang Mai University’s Community Theatre department recently took place. Ajarn Ian and Ajarn Alex took a group of our Grade 10 and 11 students to spend the long weekend solving complex problems, developing cross-cultural communication skills, engaging in service learning and developing expertise in creative thinking. Competence in these specific areas continue to be demanded by top universities and international employers, in fact, each and every one of these skills were recently listed by the OECD (organisation for economic and cultural development) as being the essential skills for success in the twenty first century. The list of desired attributes for a successful University student or savvy business leader may not come as a surprise to you, but the fact that our students developed their mastery through theatre and working with rural hill tribe communities in the high mountains of Om-Koi might.

Using engaging creative thinking activities to break down language barriers, exploring, collecting and animating stories from the tribe’s children, and building dynamic teams and ensembles in partnership with students from Chiang Mai University, were some of the many activities and challenges our students faced, engaged with and solved. All of this active and impactful learning serves as another example of how engagement with arts, culture and creative thinking help to ensure that Prem students are equipped with the skills and abilities that our changing world demands. 

We thank our collaborative partners in Ban Mae Tom and at Chiang Mai University and are excited about potential, future projects. Next we look forward to unpacking the information and research that we undertook in our Theatre Arts classes at Prem and to further challenging our students to engage our community with innovative storytelling.

Ajarn Ian and Ajarn Alex

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