The Hidden Art

This week, I tried to give the students an opportunity to escape their cyber communities and find the artist within. I called this project The Hidden Art.

It is a new initiative not only to discover themselves but to meet a variety of people who they are living with in a different way. This unique opportunity allows students to share their time together in a potentially introspective manner. This activity is an attempt to create something that could connect students while highlighting a new facet of their personality. I think of it as a space where everyone can be what they want to be.

My goal is to suggest to the students that this project will allow them to share not only an experience but also the feelings you have when you create something on your own – in an open environment. Furthermore, the students are able to experience some personal growth which can only happen through sharing emotions with people ¨IRL.¨

They will be able to express themselves artistically not only through one medium but they will also play music together, build their own instruments, and make and design their clothes.

Written by A. Juan


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