The H.E. General Prem Leadership Scholarship Recipient

The revised H.E. General Prem Leadership Scholarship was approved by the Board of Governors and was awarded for the first time in May 2018 during the Graduation Ceremony.
The scholarship is a one hundred percent (100%) tuition fee discount for the following academic year.
This scholarship is of great significance as it recognises the student who best represents the values of our school over a long period of time and who, accordingly, is seen as a young person who is striving for excellence, lives sustainably, celebrates diversity, champions the causes of others and above all, is a compassionate “good thinker” who leads responsibly.
To be eligible for the H.E. General Prem Leadership Scholarship, students nominated must:

  • be currently in 11th Grade and will continue into 12th Grade;
  • have attended Prem from 9th Grade;
  • have strong academic grades in High School;
  • have participated in informal and formal leadership roles during their time in the High School;
  • have participated in artistic, cultural, and sporting activities throughout her/his time in High School;
  • have clear support from teachers and students that s/he manifests Prem’s guiding statements and has consistently demonstrated leadership in support of students, above her/his own interests, and
  • have never been involved in major disciplinary infractions that have necessitated suspension or similar consequences.

A Nomination Committee was appointed to oversee each step of the process of selection. That process included:

  • teachers in the senior school voting for a long list of potential candidates;
  • the long list of candidates were scrutinised according to the criteria stated above;
  • the final list was voted on, in secret, by senior school teachers and students in the senior school.

The Head of School reported the outcome of the voting procedure to Mom Tri, who announced the name of the winner of the H. E. General Prem Leadership Scholarship during the Graduation Ceremony on 25 May 2018.
The winner of this prestigious award was Primp.
Our congratulations to a most worthy scholar.

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