The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition begins!

A group meets with their mentor for the first time.

We have kicked off Week 2 of the PYP Exhibition. After careful thought and discussion, the students came up with the central idea of:

Understanding the world around us develops perspective, deepens connections and inspires action.

It is now up to the students to carefully consider what this means to them based on their interests, passions and understandings.

Students have been working in groups and individually to develop questions to take their learning further based on their interests. They have been solidifying their lines of inquiry and starting to ask conceptual questions to get a deeper understanding of their topic. Students will use a process journal consisting of a planning book and the digital component of a Google Site to document their process.

Students also have had first professional contact with their exhibition mentor. It has been the students’ responsibility to write appropriate emails and maintain time management skills to keep up with meeting regularly. Students will be meeting with their mentor (a parent or member of the Prem staff) on a weekly basis to touch base and make sure that they are on track.

Here are some questions we have so far:

  • Is it our responsibility to protect old buildings?
  • How are animal habitats changing?
  • What do some people think it is important to have homes and some don’t?
  • Why do we need to help the human body?
  • How is shoe technology related to sports?

Parental involvement

This is a great time to discuss with your child’s topic with him/her. How can they take their learning deeper? Are there any local connections with which they can visit or take action upon? What other primary resources can you consider? Also you can view their site, so they may explain their process so far.

Students are setting up the structure for future meetings.