The Fantastic Festival of Super Science

What an amazing science fair. Such enthusiastic scientists. It was wonderful to see so many scientific inquiries. The selection of science experiments was vast and wide-ranging from crystals, slime, rock sugar, walking water to electricity experiments and so so many more. The students applied their understanding of fair testing as they ensured that their experiments had dependent and independent variables. So many of the students demonstrated being knowledgeable as they learnt through the scientific process they were able to explain and articulate what reactions were happening and why.


Thank you to the parents for all your support with your students to help them through their scientific inquiry process. Without your support, the students would not have felt so confident to present their learning. An awesome time was had by all the visitors and we received so many positive comments from visitors and the students.
Ajarn Mary ann
Kind regards

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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