The cucumbers are growing!

We continue to see the vegetables and fruits growing in the EY3 Mini Farm. This week, we noticed the cucumber plants getting quite tall. We also noticed little yellow flowers blooming. Since the cucumber plants have grown so much, we have asked the gardeners to help build a structure to allow them to grow vertically.

As we rode back from the farm yesterday, we noticed one of the gardeners working in the area of the EY3 Mini Farm. We quickly stopped to see what he was up to. The students asked what he was doing with the bamboo he was cutting and found out that he was making something to help the cucumbers.

We rode our bikes around and went back to inquire some more. The children all sat down and carefully watched the gardener as he cut the bamboo into share pieces, put them into the garden box, and then assembled other pieces. A few of the children kindly offered to help as the final pieces were added.

Make sure you check out the EY3 Mini Farm to see what is growing!