The Challenge of Food Loss and Waste

This year we celebrate the first observance of International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and
Waste. When food is lost or wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food , including
water, land, energy, labour and capital – go to waste.
So, Traidhos Cooking Academy would like to challenge you to create or cook some food that uses
leftover food or leftover ingredients from your fridge.
Here is an easy Thai recipe that you could try at home.
Suki Yaki
Suki yaki is a one-pot dish. Different regions have different ways of preparing suki yaki. It is heated in
a pot, then meat, vegetables and other ingredients are added and simmered together.
Meat of your choice
Glass noodles
Egg tofu
Green leaf lettuce
Morning glory
Spring onion
Chinese celery
Soy sauce
Sukiyaki sauce
Put water inside the saucepan and boil with high heat. Add soy sauce and boil for 2 minutes. Add
vegetables and meat of your choice, then simmer for at least 3 minutes. Put soft tofu, glass noodles,
egg and stir until all of the ingredients are cooked. Before turning the heat off add spring onion,
Chinese celery and stir for 10 seconds. Serve hot with suki yaki sauce.

Lynda Rolph

Head of Community

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