The BANG! ZOOM! FIZZ! POP! Word Experiment Big Write with EY1 and Gr 4

EY1 and Grade 4 students worked together on “The BANG! ZOOM! FIZZ! POP! Word Experiment Big Write” during Literacy Week.  This involved students using their home languages to come up with thoughts and ideas, and transferring them onto paper. Grade 4 students worked as mentors and translators helping EY1 record their thoughts. This marked the beginning of a collaboration that has endless possibilities!

Some Grade 4 Reflections:

“I've learnt that you shouldn't be frustrated with small kids when they don't understand because you were like that too!”

“I learnt that working with the EY1 is not hard as I thought.”

“It was fun. It helped me learn because the students knew quite a lot. They were shy and did not like to talk. I learned how to communicate with little children.”


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