The 4th International Schools of Chiang Mai Concert Band Music Festival

Last weekend (22-24 September 2016) over 70 students from Prem, NIS, CMIS, Grace, and Lanna attended the 4th annual International Schools of Chiang Mai Concert Band Music Festival, which was hosted by CMIS. Clinicians from PAYAP gave instrument-specific workshops and the music directors from each school conducted the various works. Representing Prem were: Eye (flute), Om (French horn), Laura (alto saxophone), Fond (alto saxophone), Nan (clarinet), Maya (clarinet), Jay Jay (percussion), Primp (percussion), Narissara (trombone), Avery (percussion), and Gabe (violin). The festival culminated in a massed band performance of eight works.


When asked for their thoughts and impressions of the experience, some of our participating students said:

"Music says all the things that words alone can never say. I have never played so much in such a large ensemble". – Fond

"Harmony is a complete artwork." – Nan

"It was really amazing to play in such a big band. The pieces were more powerful than I realized. "Shoutout to to Rudy, Friendly Guy, and Oppa" – Laura

"To be honest, it was hard and we were tired. But from all those moments we managed to learn the most valuable lessons in terms of music, which is the soul of a musician." – Avery

"It was challenging for me, but worth it." – Jay Jay

"What an honour to work with such a great bunch of students. Seeing them strive for excellence and discover new depths of music makes the many hours of planning worth it. I am really proud of them!" – A. Gina

The video was taken on the day of our first rehearsal. The piece is called "Conundrum" by Robert Sheldon.

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