Thai Language and Culture session for new Prem Teaching and Boarding Staff

On Friday 5 August 2016, 37 new Prem Teaching and Boarding staff participated in a 2-hour session of Thai Language and Culture led by Prem teachers of Thai Language and Culture. Our new staff enjoyed the session through 3 sections; Thai etiquette and manners, Thai language and Thai food.

Our new staff members were introduced to greeting in Thai, how to wai, how to greet Thai people, and other important manners while living in Thailand. 

Useful Thai Language for daily life was another topic which our staff enjoyed learning; such as learning to tell and ask for names, greeting in Thai, using numbers as well as practicing to say words with different tones. 

The last fun topic was about Thai food. A.Nai, one of our teachers, cooked Mieng Kham, a delicious Thai Snack with many different Thai herbs. A.Paul, our new SS Principal, agreed that it was very yummy.

Many thanks to our Thai teaching staff for facilitating this important element of the orientation process.

Ajarn Tiew
Thai Principal

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