Thai and Mandarin Mother Tongue Explorias to Begin Next Session!!!

We are excited to announce that in response to parent requests we will be offering supplemental Thai and Mandarin Explorias

The focus of these sessions will be on the literacy strands of reading and writing. They will be led by the Prem language teachers.
We are developing plans to offer other languages in the future, and will announce these at a later date.
The new Explorias are:
Lower Primary by A. Noina
Upper Primary G 4-5 by A. Kik
MYP G 6-10 by A. Jang
DP G 11-12 by A. Boo
Upper Primary G4/5 by A. Peter
MYP G6-10 by A. Euna
DP G11/12 by A. Deng
*Please note that these Explorias will be for native speakers of these languages.
If you have any queries please contact


Ajarn Tammy Gaysek

MYP English Teacher

JS EAL Teacher

JS Librarian

Mother Tongue Coordinator

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