Tennis Exploria Showcase

On Tuesday 6 June, the Prem Tennis Centre hosted the Tennis Exploria Showcase, which was the second event for students participating in Tennis Exploria programs to have a fun afternoon of competition to conclude a great year of Tennis Exploria.

This occasion provided students with an opportunity to test what they have learned this year, to have fun and to engage in a little bit of competition. Close to 40 students showed great excitement and tried to do their very best in the various events.

Eventually, the 13 winning students were congratulated with gold, silver and bronze medals and it was great to see lots of parents watching and supporting their children as well.

We would like to say thank you so much to all who supported us to make this event a great success again: Parent volunteers and PSC representatives who organized food and drinks, as well as our housekeepers.

We look forward to the third Tennis Exploria Showcase in the following school year!

Coach LaDe

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