Teamwork in Boarding

Another fantastic and busy week has been and gone here in Boarding. We are proud to say that our boarding spaces and facilities are safe places for our Prem students as Covid restrictions have been reinforced and our boarding staff have been very alert and vigilant.

Every day we support our students during online school hours by ensuring they attend and participate in lessons. Moreover, Boarding parents, Boarding Assistants and Deputy Heads of Houses are always available for emotional support.


This week our boarders were involved in a lot of activities.  Fire House staff, Ajarn Claire and Ajarn Sam,  hosted the first Kahoot online ‘Quiz of the Year’; Boarders and Beyond. The fun continued with an amazing online dance session hosted by Ajarn Fred and our resident dance instructor and Boarding Assistant Ajarn Danny on Thursday evening – what a sweaty and fun way to end a school day!


Our weekend couldn’t have started in a better way: a barbecue with boarding students and boarding staff to celebrate the end of a challenging and busy week. Nice fresh food, beverages and yummy desserts were served, accompanied by music in the background.

Saturday morning was dedicated to fitness, with a walk around our wonderful campus with Ajarn Alex. The evening was led by Ajarn Tim with a “Retro video games” night.

Sunday morning, our newest member of staff Ajarn Bobby, organised and led a “Photo Scavenger Hunt”. What a nice way to get some fresh air and socialise with each other!

Our students here in boarding have definitely enjoyed their busy and fun week, despite the reinforcement of restrictions.  It has been nice to see our boarder’s helping each other out, with team spirit really developing amongst them.


Federica Dito

Deputy Head of Air House

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