Team work in the IEP!

Students in the IEP are are very fortunate to have twice weekly outside of the classroom learning activities. The VSP (Visiting Schools Programme) arranges a unique mix of activities for our students, everything from cooking to different team building games that give our students a chance to practice their English skills outside of the classroom.
This past week students listened to short talk about sustainability, a topic that many of them can relate to as it is taught as a stand alone subject in the IEP. Students were encouraged to think of all the different resources they would need have if they were living on an island, a lot of different ideas went around the group and we listed the best on the chalkboard.

Students list the resources they would need for survival, and what makes a good team.

Ajarn Jay teaches students about the necessities of living on an island, how can we live in a sustainable way?
The next order of business was to make a game out of our learning! The object of the game was simple; get all inhabitants from one island to another without losing any resources, sound simple? The students were up for the challenge, it turns out this game is a lot more complicated than it sounds! If you take your feet off of any of the cushions (which are symbolic of our natural resources), a swamp alligator steals your cushion! This makes the game fun, we had lots of laughs, more importantly students had to exhibit good team building skills in order to cross the water.

What was most impressive about this particular activity was how much English was being spoken by all students, in order to communicate with their team mates. I was very impressed. As we approach the end of term one, it’s become apparent to me that students are becoming very confident in their speaking abilities; it was nice to see the students caring for each other; having some good laughs, and trying to cross the imaginary river.

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