Talented Grade 12 Golfers

We are delighted to introduce you to Amber and Kevin, two of our talented Grade 12 students. Amber and Kevin both have a strong interest in golf, which they have been able to develop during their time at Prem. We want to share some of their experiences with you.

Kevin’s interest in golf began when his father introduced him to the game. Kevin has played in amateur and professional golf tournaments throughout Thailand, and hopes to compete in international tournaments abroad in the future. Amber’s journey was a little different; frustration at a golf tournament prompted her to take the sport seriously, and she began to practise it on a regular basis. Amber and Kevin have both been inspired by some of the greatest golfers of all time, with Tiger Woods in particular serving as a role model for Kevin.

As student-athletes, Amber and Kevin understand the value of time management. They both prioritise academic performance and golf performance, and they practised every day after school, no matter how much homework they have. They both advise aspiring golfers to prioritise time management to avoid stress, which can have a negative impact on performance.

It is not easy to earn a place on a university golf team and both Amber and Kevin worked hard to prepare for their interviews for university golf scholarships. Each university’s website had to be carefully navigated, and questions for the coach had to be anticipated and prepared for. They practised with family members to get used to the interview process. Amber chose Keiser University because it has a golf management program and is in Florida. Kevin, on the other hand, applied to Hawaii Pacific University and Alabama University.

As they get ready to graduate, Amber and Kevin want to give golfers at Prem some tips. Amber advises students to participate in activities such as student council, sports teams, and Model United Nations (MUN) to learn new skills and strengthen their college applications. Kevin advises students to make good use of their time, avoid stress, and be content with their decisions.

Amber has put in a lot of effort and dedication, and it has paid off. Golf scholarships were offered to her by Keiser University and Walsh University in the United States. Amber will join the women’s golf team at Keiser University. Kevin’s hard work and passion for golf have also paid off, as he has received golf scholarships from two universities: Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) and Alabama University (A&M). Kevin intends to join the A&M men’s golf team. Amber and Kevin are excellent examples of how dedication, hard work, and passion can help students succeed in school and sports. We wish them success in everything they do in the future, both on and off the golf course.

Prem was an excellent choice for Amber and Kevin, both of whom have successfully balanced their academic studies and golf. The school is NCAA-eligible, and its excellent golf facilities allow students to improve their game. Prem has a golf academy that offers golf-specific fitness training, as well as a golf program that offers students world-class coaching, practice facilities, and competitions.


Dawn Parry

WS Careers and College Counsellor
SAT Coordinator

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