Taking action to help Hand to Paw

Birthdays are a great day for gifts and feeling special! But what a treat when you can expand
that to thinking about and sharing with those who aren’t quite as lucky by inviting guests to
bring in a donation for your favourite charity, orphanage, or animal group!
Reese has been doing this for several years, and this year she opted to encourage guests to
bring dog treats and dog/cat items to donate to Hand to Paw. She figured that she’s got more
than enough toys and personal items and hoped that she could use her birthday as a chance to
give back instead of getting even more.
Though Reese has only just turned 10, she’s mature beyond her years.
I went to drop off the food to the dogs yesterday afternoon and they smiled and wagged their
tails in happiness! The dogs are lucky to be cared for by her and her guests’ thoughtfulness and

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