Take It Easy in the Old City - Upcoming Boarding Trip: Saturday Night Walking Street.

This coming Saturday, the 6th of October, boarders are planning to spend an evening to enjoy the old city’s most vibrant street. The walking street market consist of an exciting spectrum of arts, crafts, food, and music. With tons of shopping options that reflect the spirit of northern Thailand. The students will have the opportunity to do some last-minute shopping for friends and family before they head for their October break.

The Wualai Walking Street Market commonly referred to as the Saturday walking market is one of two famous walking streets in town and is in the must-do list for people who live and visit the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

Approximately 1 kilometre in length, our boarders will not only enjoy cheap and delicious fusion food from local vendors but also beautiful temples, art galleries, and silversmith shops located on Wualai. Thai traditional and foot massage booths are located at every corner along with handicrafts, hilltribe’s handmade, organic product, fruits as well as toys and wooden games.

Living at Prem and in Chiang Mai brings such wonderful experiences for all of us!

Photo Credit: The trippacker website.

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