Swim, Bike and Run at the Premathlon: Friday November 15, 2019

This years Premathlon will take place on Friday November 15 from 3-5pm. What is the Premathlon I hear you saying! Well, the Premathlon is one of the biggest whole school events of the year with our Junior students taking part in a Triathlon (Run, Bike, Swim) and our Senior students taking part in a Duathlon (Swim, Run). While this is a Prem event, its main aim is to raise funds for the wider community supporting our charities of choice, Baan Dek and Precious Plastics. This community support is done by our students having fun, getting fit and gaining House points for their House. The Premathlon is a fantastic event, so we urge students to join (Don’t worry about your ability, it is the taking part that counts) and parents/guardians to come and cheer and support the event. Please look out for the information letters that will be sent out, telling you about how to sign up and the details of the event.

Lee Stevens

Director of Athletics & Activities

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