Sustainability Spotlight!

Marie and Summer are two members of the Eco-committee from Grade 7. In their roles as the Visual Display Leads, they are responsible for raising environmental awareness around the Prem community. Today, they are talking to us about two initiatives: a new Eco-committee display board and a new logo. We talk to Marie and Summer about their design ideas and how they hope to take Prem one little step closer to the Green Flag Award. 

Marie, Tell us about the Eco-committee display board – what is its purpose?

The display board is there to inform people about who we are, what we do, our current events and upcoming events. We would really appreciate it if Prem students were aware of what we do and what the school is doing for the environment.


Tell us about how you designed the board – where did you get your ideas from?

You will find the Eco-committee logo is right in the center of the display board. The idea of using a hexagon in our logo is to represent bees. Using the hexagon, we decided to make shapes that would fit around it to have multiple questions and activities to show. 

Around it are the six topics about the Eco committee: What are we going to do, what is our goal? Who are we? What can you do to help, upcoming events, meeting minutes, and the twelve environmental themes. The display board was launched to coincide with the junior school musical concert (There’s No Planet B) and will be continually updated. 


What should we expect from the board over the coming weeks, months, years ahead? 

Right now, the board is situated in the library. Over the next few weeks and months, the events and meeting minutes will change, so check the board every once in a while for updates. The events will change after they already happen and when we get new ideas. The meeting minutes will be replaced every time we have a new meeting. They are written by our secretary, Mayank. You can also read our action plan as we hope to get accreditation for Prem’s sustainable practices. 


Summer, Tell us about the Eco-committee logo – what were your design inspirations? 

The logo has a yellow outline and blue background. It has an outside shape of a hexagon, with the yellow outside together, it represents the bees that are working all the time unnoticed to “help” us humans. Bees are essential to nature, since they pollinate. They pollinate nearly 85% of all food crops for humans. The PREM logo on top of the tree means that as an organization, we grow with the Earth as we are part of nature. The plant in the soil means that we are working with the earth itself and finally the water means that all life can’t live without water. 

Where should we expect to find the Eco-Committee logo? 

We will use the Eco-committee logo on all of our posters, social media updates, blog posts and in our videos. If we are involved in any events, we will also use the logo so you know it has a sustainable message. 

Are there any important events coming up that you would like people to know about? 

Yes! On Wednesday 29th June, we would like our community to buy a drink from the Banana Bike Cafe to thank them for making more environmentally-friendly changes to their practices. Come along and find out more at Prem’s first ever carrotmob

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