Sustainability Spotlight!

Last week our Eco-committee members, Ajarn Emma and Ethan, met up with the workers of the recycling centre in Prem to see what happens to the waste that we create. We were able to see the system of separating and storing waste into recyclable materials. There are areas for cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, light bulbs, broken furniture and much more. We were able to interview the grounds staff who collect the waste and do the sorting, as well as the company that takes the waste away for recycling. In interviewing the recycling collectors they were asked ‘What could Prem do better?’ They responded that Prem is a very good organsiation for recycling, and the sorting and storage make it easier for them to distribute each type of waste to the relevant recyclers.

Watch out for a video on this issue in the near future.
Dr Emma Shaw
IBDP ESS teacher
IBCP SUMAS teacher

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