Sustainability in Business *- IBCP

Over the last 2 weeks, the IBCP students have been visiting local sustainable businesses to learn how sustainability is put into practice.
The first trip visited Thai High, a local fair-trade coffee producer who supply products for the weekly Local Prem Coffee cafe (run by the IBCP students). Here they discovered the roasting and production processes, the importance of fair trade for farmers, as well as having the opportunity to develop some new cold brew recipes.
The afternoon and lunch were spent at  Waiting for May and Ori9ins Organic farm, owned and run by James Noble. Here they learnt more about what it really means to farm organically and how these 2 businesses work in tandem to provide excellent quality, local produce with minimal impact on the environment.
The second day was spent visiting Phi Suea House, which is a sustainable set of residences that are fully powered by an innovative Solar panel and hydrogen fuel cell system, along with extensive gardens maintained using principles of Permaculture. SCAD students were able to explore the concept of design for sustainability and how this can be practically achieved. This ended with a trip to Krieng Krai Mahamitr Market where design and sustainability have come together to develop a new experience in Mae Rim
Dr Emma Shaw
IBDP ESS teacher
IBCP SUMAS teacher

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