As you know, the Eco-Committee has worked very hard for one year to create a communication system to share sustainability practices across the community. 

This inter-generational group shared 54 messages of sustainability in just one year, drawing on curricular inspiration, events, and eco-projects to help make Prem a fairer and kinder place for all species. In our midst, we have journalists, social media bloggers, a website designer, a videographer, speech-makers, poster-makers, animators and project managers. The younger members of the Eco-Committee (not to call them students because they are the drivers) led this complex and school-wide initiative. They were central to delivering one of Prem’s three strategic goals for the year. Our senior Eco-Committee members (the G11/12s) led the charge along the way with such grace, confidence and humility. 

We thought, we hoped we would get the silver flag…



We are over-the-moon delighted! When we broke the news to the full Eco-Committee on Wednesday, we all screamed and cheered with sheer joy and relief! Some even cried with joy. This award is particularly impressive because for Eco-Schools, it’s a two year programme and at Prem, we shared enough evidence to achieve this honour in just one year. 

Our next steps are to find a flagpole to ceremoniously raise our green flag and to really put Prem on the global educational map for sustainability! Watch out for a bigger and better year ahead as we try to retain our beautiful green flag status! 

Thank you to everyone who supported our work through attendance at events, curricular evidence, and your kind and encouraging words to these student-leaders. 


The Eco-Committee

Charlotte Hankin 

Grade 3/4 Teacher

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