Supporting Your Language Learner

Collaboration and connection with the parent community is a vital aspect of successful education outcomes. In the last 3 weeks, Prem has run a number of workshops for parents, and last Wednesday Prem’s Head of the Intensive English Programme, Cara Templeton, facilitated a presentation for parents focusing on supporting their children as English as an Additional Language learners. 

The workshop introduced the concept of translanguaging (using more than one language in the classroom) and provided evidence for why this approach can be used both in the classroom and at home to support students to reach their full potential through a positive language perspective.

Parents were provided with a number of different strategies that could be easily implemented at home and examples of what it would look like, sound like and feel like. One of the most important aspects that Ajarn Cara wishes to reiterate is that parents do not need to be fluent in English in order to help their child – translanguaging bridges this gap. 

For those who were unable to attend or wish to refresh their memory, Ajarn Cara has provided a copy of the presentation here: Supporting your language learner


Cara Templeton,

Head of Intensive English Programme

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