Supporting the Parachita Htoo School Migrant School

We are excited to share with you the success of our latest Service project, led by our students Nadia, Mali, Yoon, and Beeya, and supported by the generous donation of the Mitterhoff family. These students and donors demonstrated great initiative and leadership in their efforts to support the education of Burmese children now living in Mae Sot.  

The students began by planning what supplies were needed and what would be most useful for the children. They researched and identified the specific materials, books, and stationery items that would be essential for these young students’ education. They then went on a shopping spree, carefully selecting each item and staying within the budget.

Thanks to the generous donation of the Mitterhoff family, the students were able to purchase more supplies and make a greater impact on the children’s education. With the additional funds, the students were able to include more workbooks, writing utensils, and materials, ensuring that the children have essential needs to continue their education.

After the shopping was done, the students packaged the supplies into school kits and organised them for easy distribution. They worked tirelessly to ensure that each kit was well-organised and contained all the necessary items for the children’s education.

Finally, the students loaded the kits onto a truck, created a message for the students, and delivered them to the migrant school. The supplies will go a long way in helping them continue their education.

We are incredibly proud of Nadia, Mali, Yoon, and Beeya for their leadership and initiative in this project, and we are grateful to the Mitterhoff family for their generous donation that made it all possible. Their efforts have made a real difference in the lives of these migrant children and have contributed to their education and future success.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project, and we look forward to seeing the continued impact of our CAS efforts.


Jeff Lowman

CAS Coordinator

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